Warsaw, Poland - 09/10.07.2015. with CM Leung SOLD OUT!

Warsaw, Poland - 09/10.07.2015. with CM Leung SOLD OUT!
What can you expect in Warsaw?
This time Greg Moment ( provides two-day-long workshops for wedding photographers in Warsaw together with grand master CM Leung. CM Leung ( is the creative director and principal photographer of CMLeung Gallery, which has been established since 2005. CM has participated in many international photography competitions and by the year of 2010, he becomes the first Asian who won two grand awards in WPPI annual red carpet awards ceremony. Moreover, cm also conducts his own workshop and seminar in different parts of the world such as Australia, USA, UK, Turkey, Estonia, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong. CM Leung is no wonder one of the most sought after wedding photographers and guest speakers in the industry among these years…Do not skip this opportunity and learn from CM Leung and Greg Moment!

 First day – shooting and e-marketing advanced tips.

► You will see how CM Leung and Greg Moment use natural light creating their images
► You will understand the power of video light and Dedolight
► You will see their posing techniques
► You will shoot and train (please, bring your cameras, lenses, flash with triggers)
► You will shoot and create new images for your portfolio
► You will learn how to choose the best location to shoot in new city
► You will have a chance to discuss your own style and correct your mistakes
► You will be motivated and receive hands on training
► You will see how to expose correctly and how these two photographers interact with models (we will work with two different couples in two different groups)
► You will have an opportunity to shoot with video light and practice this perfect source of light
► You will have a chance to show how much you have understood
► You will learn advanced e-marketing options (eg. Power Editor)Second day – editing and retouching.

► You will learn these two photographers retouching techniques in Lightroom, Capture One, Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop
► You will receive hands on training and individual critique
► You will see their workflow and understand how to achieve „clean” picture at the end
► You will see how CM Leung and Greg Moment create vision and style in Capture One and Photoshop at the end.

More knowledge for participants:
- tests, news and the access to cameras and lenses of Nikon during the workshop
- ability to test and see Wacom's tablets. Any questions? We will help you.
- test and access to magic products from Phottix
- ability to test and see Eizo's screens. Any questions? We will help you.
- access to perfect albums and photoalbums from Barański Albums
- ability to test and see REPORTERstrap's products for wedding photographers.
Surprise !!! There will be a competition for participants during this workshop. They will be able to win:

Reporter strap REPORTERstrap Type Sling Dual X Promax / sakwa organizacyjna B6 - value of 430 PLN
Reporter strap REPORTERstrap typu sling Pro promax / pasek nadgarstkowy WRS25 / sakwa fotograficzna F1 - value of 280 PLN
Reporter strap REPORTERstrap V2 / sakwa fotograficzna s2 - value of  200 PLN
Pasek neoprenowy REPORTERstrap Neo C+ / sakwa organizacyjna B5 - value of  170 PLN
Pasek neoprenowy REPORTERstrap Neo C / sakwa organizacyjna B1 - value of 130 PLN
How and when?09-10 July 2015 (Thu/Fri)

Language: English and Polish
The workshop starts in Primate's Palace (Pałac Prymasowski) in the centre of Warsaw ( 
10:00 am – 06:00 pm

Fee & booking policy in Warsaw
Regular fee: 1500 PLN. Group about 20 photographers.
Early birds: 1300 PLN !!! (paid before 30.05.2015.).
Please note that food & hotel costs are not included with your workshop fee.


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